The History of Steven Wright


Projects by Steven Wright.

Year Type Title Notes
1999 HBO Film One Soldier Directed by Wright
1991 HBO Stand-up Special "Wicker Chairs and Gravity"
1989 HBO Short Film The Appointments of Dennis Jennings Academy Award Winner
1985 Album "I Have A Pony" Grammy Nomination
1985 HBO Stand-up Special "A Steven Wright Special"


The following is a list of films Steven has appeared in.

Year Title Studio Director
2000 Loser Columbia Tri-Star Amy Heckerling
1999 One Soldier Pyramids and Ponies Steven Wright
1999 The Muse USA Films Albert Brooks
1998 Babe, Pig in the City Universal Pictures George Miller
1998 1999 Independent Nick Davis
1998 Half Baked Universal Pictures Tamra Davis
1995 Canadian Bacon Gramercy Pictures Michael Moore
1994 Swan Princess Newline Richard Rich
1994 Mixed Nuts Tristar Pictures Nora Ephron
1994 Speechless MGM Ron Underwood
1994 Natural Born Killers Warner Bros Oliver Stone
1993 So, I Married an Axe Murderer Tristar Thomas Schlamme
1992 Reservoir Dogs Miramax Quentin Tarantino
1991 Men of Respect Columbia Pictures William Reilly
1988 The Appointments of Dennis Jennings* HBO Dean Parisot
1988 Stars and Bars Columbia Pictures Pat O'Connor
1986 Coffee and Cigarettes Electric Pictures Jim Jarmusch
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan Orion Pictures Susan Seidelman

* Steven Wright was awarded an Oscar in 1989 for Best Short Live-Action Film for The Appointments of Dennis Jennings, which he co-wrote (with Michael Armstrong) and starred in.